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Dosage Calculator

The dosage calculator allows you to select from drop-down lists of oral and injectable medications commonly used in the treatment of heart diseases and heart failure in dogs and cats. Simply fill out the form on the right side of the page, and then select one or more drugs from the lists for which you would like further prescribing information and a specific dosage recommendation.

The calculator will provide standard recommended dosing instructions for your patient. You may request information and a dose calculation for as many medications as you wish - there is no filter on the dose calculator that restricts your choices to those that are appropriately used for a particular condition or patient, or that are compatible for use in combination. 

Remember that each patient is different, and dosing adjustments may be required based on considerations other than the body weight and species (e.g., renal function, age, body condition, presence of ascites, concurrent medications, etc). This calculator is meant to be a useful and time-saving tool when prescribing and administering cardiac medications, but it is not a substitute for your own best clinical judgement. 

Prescription and administration of medications with which you are unfamiliar or inexperienced can represent a significant hazard to your patient, and this calculator should not be used as a substitute for sound advice from an expert. If you have specific questions regarding the safety or use of a medication for any cardiac disease indication, please call your regular cardiologist, or the NC State Cardiology Care Technician (1-888-962-7763).


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