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Welcome to the Cardiology Care Network Patient Monitoring Area

During your visit to the NC State Cardiology Service, you received a Client Entry Card which contains your client ID and password. Please use this information to log into the patient monitoring area. If you did not receive this information, please use the Patient Registration link below. If you've lost your ID information, please use the "Forgot My Password" link provided below the login area.

About the Patient Monitoring Area

In patients with heart disease, monitoring their heart rate (pulse), respiratory (breathing) rate, body weight, appetite and medication intake can play a significant role in keeping them as healthy as possible. Your NC State cardiologist will teach you how to use the patient monitoring modules in this section of the website, and one of our specially trained nurses will review your pet's "stats" daily and call you if they notice any signs of trouble. 

In pets with heart failure, the heart rate and respiratory rate often increase by 20% or more on consecutive days before the worsening of clinical signs, so careful monitoring may create an opportunity to adjust medications to avoid hospitalization of your pet.

If your pet is losing weight (usually undesirable in pets with heart failure) or not eating well, your pet's medication dosages may need to be adjusted. You may wish to get a consult from the Cardiology Care Network nutrition specialist, who can help improve the palatability and the nutritional content of your pet's diet to optimize body condition, energy and exercise tolerance.

If you have questions or problems with registering or recording your pet's vital signs in the monitoring program, call the Cardiology Care Technician hotline for help. Once registered, you can use this site to monitor as few, or as many, parameters as your veterinarian recommends, and you and your veterinarian (but no one else except the NC State Cardiology Care Team) can view a summary of your pet's "stats" at any time.

If you need to make an appointment with NC State Cardiology, you can also call the Cardiology Care Technician for help, or you can make an appointment directly with the NC State Cardiology service appointment desk by following the "make an appointment" tab above.

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